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Community Safety

Cumberland Zone Community Education Safety Strategies 2007-2008
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The role of Community Safety within the NSW Rural Fire Service is to assist communities, land owners, land management agencies and local rural fire brigades to manage bushfire risk in their area. Services and activities provided by the NSW Rural Fire Service include;

  • implementing public safety & awareness campaigns designed to increase the communities knowledge of fires,
  • assisting to reduce the impact of fires on buildings within bushfire prone areas & ensuring plans adhere to bushfire safety standards by managing the development control process, including advice to councils and developers on plans for residential dwellings,
  • preparing the annual hazard reduction and fire trail maintenance programs for the District Bush Fire Management Committee,
  • liaising with landowners and occupiers regarding fire hazards, provide expert advice on treatment options as required, and ensure where bush fire hazards exist, hazard reduction works are implemented.
  • preparing and maintaining the Zone Bush Fire Risk Management Plan as required under Section 52 of the Rural Fires Act 1997

Penrith City Council Burning Policy

More information... (pdf file)

Fire can be a useful tool for reducing bush fire hazards, removing rubbish, agricultural activities and for bush regeneration. Inappropriate use of fire can endanger lives, property and the environment. You can help to avoid this by following some basic guidelines and obtaining the correct approvals.

Those residents wishing to have burn piles of vegetation (open burning) may require approval from either the Department of Environment & Conservation or Penrith City Council prior to burning. All bush fire hazard reduction requests are to be forwarded to the NSW Rural Fire Service - Cumberland Zone Office.

Click here for more information or click here for an application for a Bush Fire Hazard Reduction Certificate.

Open burning within the Blacktown and Fairfield Local Government Areas require approval from the Department of Environment & Conservation on (02) 999 55 000.

Open burning within the Penrith Local Government Area is under the councilís responsibility. Penrith City Council have developed the following approval for Open Burning under the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Control of Burning) Regulations 2000.

The following is a summary of the Penrith City Councilís Open Burning Policy;

  • Only applies to rural zoned properties in Wallacia, Mulgoa, Kemps Creek, Mt Vernon, Londonderry, Llandilo, Castlereagh, Berkshire Park, Cranebrook, Orchard Hills, Luddenham, Agnes Banks and Regentville;
  • All fires are to consist of dead & dry vegetation only, must not exceed two cubic metres in size with maximum size of any logs/branches of 150mm;
  • No plastics, rubber, chemical & pesticide containers, grass clippings (due to excessive smoke concerns) and treated timber;
  • All fires to be a minimum of 10m from the boundary and 20m from any building;
  • Adjoining neighbours to be notified 24 hours before the fire is lit;
  • RFS Cumberland Zone office (4734 7777) to be notified 24 hours prior to the burn;
  • Fires to be conducted between 8am and 6pm on any day;
  • This approval is only applicable between 1st April and 31 October.

Approval does NOT include;

  • Burning vegetation resulting from land clearance;
  • Burning of vegetation resulting from clearance for building construction;
  • Ecological/bush regeneration burns (Requires Department of Environment & Conservation approval)

Where a person seeks approval that is outside these conditions they would require a letter from council giving approval for burning. All enquires should be directed to: Penrith City Council Health & Environment Unit on 4732 8014.

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